A Hundred Thousand Worlds



By:  bob Proehi

This is a novel about life, real and imagined: the experienced world and the many potential other worlds and lives that could happen in the blink of an eye.

Alex is nine years old and he is on an east to west coast journey with his mother Val.  She is engaged to appear at comic cons across the country as her alter ego, Bethany, who was the star of a popular science fiction TV series.  Alex’s parents were co-stars on the series called Anomaly, the “good guys” battling villains who hop through space and time.  In real life, his parents have gone through a messy divorce and Alex is dealing with the custody problems this has created.  But he is a very grounded little guy and observing the events through his eyes gives the book its clear path amid the swirl around him. And so, along with Alex, we are plunged into this wild world of comics, their writers and artists, superheroes, and fictional personalities, and the many fans that follow them.  The book is very cleverly written, the dialogue was very tight and clever and I found myself laughing out loud several times.  The popular culture references, though veiled, were interesting as they were being seen from the other side of the screen or page, by the creators rather than the audience.  This was a fun and fresh read that I thoroughly enjoyed.