Experience The Bookloft

Real books in a real bookstore

A sensory experience

The aroma of coffee, the faint overtones of the Sally B Farms goat milk soap back in the gallery,
and over it all that indescribable smell of books.

Delight your eyes

Color, variety of shape, a myriad of intriguing objects artfully placed in every square inch.

. . .On shelves, on the walls, on every surface.

Skylight Gallery

Take a while to explore the local art gallery.
Let yourself sink into the landscape of a Jensen photograph.

Be dazzled by the necklaces and earrings and the flow of colors in the Moonshine Glass pieces.

Remember tactile?

Books with jackets, journals of varied materials, a pen that feels good in your hand,
an Olaf mug that fits your fist perfectly.

And for your ears?

It’s quiet.  Well kind of.
There is the soft music in the background and conversation happening
over drinks in the coffee shop.
The hiss of the espresso machine.

And occasional joyous sounds from up in the kids section of the loft
as new books are discovered.
But overall, it’s calm and quiet, offering a respite from the swirl of the rest of your day.

The Bookloft
107 East Main Street
Enterprise, Oregon 97828


Store Hours:
M-F 7:00-5:30
Sat. 10:00-4:00

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Book Chat

Speaking of hot…

Summer Fishtrap is almost here – July 12 – 18th. This year the event will again be held virtually. More info is here. Pick up the participating author books in our store or here online… Circle of Seasons – Wallowa County’s quarterly... read more

‘Wallowa County History: A Continuation’ Out Now!

Wallowa County Museum’s sequel to its 1983 history book has just been released and is available at The Bookloft in both softcover and hardcover. This book is filled with general history and hundreds of family stories and photos from Nez Perce to pioneers to today’s... read more

door2To The Screen Door:  A Dedication in One Sentence

I dedicate this sentence to the Bookloft’s screen door and to all the readers of books passing through this entrance, who will appreciate what artist Steve Arment has created to cover the tallest doorway in all of Oregon – to keep the flies at bay and to represent the uniqueness that is the Bookloft and the Skylight Gallery, the oldest existing art gallery in Wallowa County – displaying the work of local and northwest artists including Ted Juve, whose “Olaf” cups are portrayed on the screen door in the hands of two armadillos (Proprietress, Mary Swanson’s favorite animal), which are reading Little Women andWalden – classic titles that any bookstore should have on its shelves, as this one does, along with the best of Native American, especially Nez Perce titles as well as tales of the Oregon Trail, particularly the diaries of the women pioneers, who while bypassing this corner of Oregon in 1843 for the Willamette Valley, surely encouraged their descendents to explore this remote wilderness in later years, and names of those early pioneers pass though this very door today buying books they have always wanted to own such as – all of Wallace Stegner and Gretel Ehrlich and Michael Dorrance and all the mysteries of Martha Grimes and the westerns of Louis L’Amour, readers all, but there are those who will pass through this screen door desiring only the rich cup of coffee available in what is known as “Judy’s Kitchen” where plain coffee or espresso drinks are served in Olaf mugs along with bakery treats and good conversation with all the Bookloft regulars for whom it is their second home.

Jan Bailey