The Prairie Keepers: Secrets of the Grasslands



The Prairie Keepers: Secrets of the Grasslands by Marcy Houle

Tucked away in the far corner of remote northeastern Oregon lies the ruggedly beautiful Zumwalt Prairie – a seemingly peaceful land of waving grasses that has become a symbolic battleground in the war between ranchers and environmentalists over the use of our country’s rapidly vanishing natural habitats. It is home to one of the highest concentrations of native buteo hawks in North America. Marcy Houle, a wildlife biologist and student, comes to the Zumwalt to discover what attracts and sustains the buteos in such startling abundance. What she finds could overturn all accepted notions on both sides of the land-use debate. Important, exhilarating, and even funny, The Prairie Keepers is compelling nature writing. Drawing together a wealth of anecdotes, both animal and human, Houle portrays an ecosystem of incredible beauty and diversity, as well as a model that can save the last of the native prairies for us all. $19.95 Trade





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