A Man Called Ove



A Man Called Ove by Fredrick Backman

Ove is a man with definite ideas about things and an iron-clad daily routine. When he is forced into retirement, his life and its strict schedules are thrown into disarray. To further upset his life, new neighbors move in across the street and announce their arrival by backing their moving van into his mailbox. The new family consists of a young Iranian woman, her husband and their two small girls. Their arrival will have life-changing effect on Ove’s life. In his self-appointed role as neighborhood watchman and caretaker, Ove reluctantly becomes involved in the lives of all of the residents in his neighborhood to his benefit as well as theirs. For despite his gruff exterior, we discover that Ove actually possesses a big heart. This portrayal of the ultimate curmudgeon is both funny and poignant. 16.00