Chief Joseph: Guardian of the People



Chief Joseph: Guardian of the People (American Heroes Series) by Candy Moulton

This is a carefully researched and lovingly written account of the leader of the Nez-Perce in the latter part of the 19th century. Joseph is famous for his “I will fight no more forever” speech, but not famous enough for the leadership and guidance he gave his people as he tried desperately to save their land for them. Not a war chief but a leader responsible for the safety of the families under his care, Joseph sought peace and fair treatment from the American army and the American government. He found neither. After the military surrender in 1877, Joseph worked for the 27 remaining years of his life to return his people to their land and their land to his people. He did not succeed. Not until 1997 was some of their original territory returned to them. Moulton’s smoothly written prose leads the reader through the tragedy of this tribe and leaves the reader with nothing but respect for the strength and nobility of its leader. from KLIATT $14.99 trade paperback


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