The Care and Feeding of Ravenously Hungry Girls



by Anissa Gray

When I started reading this book, I was completely caught up in the story of sisters, mothers and daughters. I literally gobbled it up until there was no more which fits this novel about women who can’t get enough. Althea, Viola, and Lillian lost their mother at an early age. With their father largely gone, it fell to Althea to raise her siblings even though she had no idea how to be “motherly”. Now, as adults, all three women struggle with self-esteem problems, issues around eating, and guilt over ways they have or have not been able to keep their families together. As the story begins, Althea is in jail for a crime against her community that was brought to the attention of the police by her own daughter. Their complicated relationship is just one of many in this narrative including the women in jail with Althea.
But this novel is more than just a tale of dysfunction in families. Through the interactions of these women, the
author shows how we all carry damage from the paths of our lives, intentional or not. She has written a
beautiful book that shines a light on the common needs we all crave.