The Song of Hartgrove Hall



The Song of Hartgrove Hall by Natasha Solomons

This is a novel about music, deep connection to place, song collecting, and love and betrayal, all of this set on an old estate in Dorset. The Fox-Talbots face the dilemma common to many estate owners in the post war period – crumbling manor houses and insufficient income to keep them up. The brothers decide to team up and learn to run the estate and farm the land.  A complication arises in the form of a love interest one brother brings to live with them. Both other brothers are smitten by the diminutive Edie Rose, a popular war-time singer, but Harry develops a deep love for Edie and flees to London.  How things transpire from fleeing the estate and the woman he loves to this life in the present is the narrative of the book. The author builds suspense as she paints a portrait of post World War II England and the choices made by the characters. With themes of music woven with beautiful descriptions of the English countryside, this novel was an enjoyable escape to another time and place – just what you’d want from a good read. 16.00